How to Disable reCAPTCHA on Shopify

Shopify has recently turned on reCAPTCHA by default, which can interfere with the functionality of bitLogin. To ensure that bitLogin works properly, you'll need to turn off reCAPTCHA. Follow these simple steps to disable reCAPTCHA on your Shopify store:

  1. Log in to your Shopify Admin Panel.
  2. Navigate to Settings:
    • On the left sidebar, click on Settings.
  3. Access Apps and Sales Channels:
    • Within the Settings menu, select Apps and sales channels.
  4. Go to Online Store Preferences:
    • Under the Apps and sales channels section, find Online store and click on it.
    • Then, click on Preferences.
  5. Disable reCAPTCHA:
    • Scroll down to the section labeled Spam Protection.
    • Locate the reCAPTCHA option and turn it off.

By following these steps, you can ensure that bitLogin operates smoothly without interference from reCAPTCHA.

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How to Disable reCAPTCHA on Shopify

To turn off reCAPTCHA on Shopify, go to: Settings > Apps and sales channels, then Online store > Preferences

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