How to Create a Ticket Category

Managing customer interactions efficiently is key to providing top-notch support. With bitChat, you can create and manage ticket categories to streamline your support process and ensure no query goes unanswered. Follow this step-by-step guide to create and customize ticket categories in bitChat.

1. Go to the bitbybit dashboard, click “bitChat” on the left bar navigation.

Click "bitChat" on the left bar navigation

2. Scroll down to find “Settings”, click on it, and then select “Live chat & ticket”.

Click "Settings" and then "Live chat & ticket"

3. Click “Add new ticket tag” to create a new ticket.

Click "Add new ticket tag"

4. Fill in the new field with the ticket name you wish to create. Click the color box to choose the color. A preview should be visible on the right side of the row. You can create as many ticket categories as you want.

Fill in the name and choose the color box

5. If you want to edit the ticket name or color, simply click on the name field and click the color box.

Click on the name field to edit

6. Click “Save changes” button on the top of the screen to save your new ticket category.

Click "Save changes" to save

Creating and managing ticket categories in bitChat is a straightforward process that can significantly enhance your customer support efficiency. By organizing your tickets, you can ensure quicker response times and a more structured approach to handling customer queries.

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